Arizona 95 begins at the north end of Bullhead City and continues south to the junction of Arizona State Highway 227, just a few miles short of the Colorado River. There is an unmarked road ahead for a few miles south of this junction where you can cross over into Needles, California via the Colorado River bridge.
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The Fort Mohave Indian reservation along the Colorado River, currently encompassing 23,669 acres in Arizona, 12,633 acres in California, and 5,582 acres in Nevada. The reservation was originally established in 1870 and is now home to approximately 1,100 members of the Mohave Tribe of Native Americans.

Occupancy on Fort Mojave Indian Reservation lands, unlike that of many other Indian reservations in Arizona, is less than 50% Native American. The Mojave have leased much of their land to cotton, corn, and soybean farming companies, which employ a large population of resident whites and Mexican Americans. Fort Mohave Indian Tribe Website

Fort Mohave Indian Casino
Hayfield on the Fort Mohave Reservation Farm Lands
Boundry Cone Road is the turn off to go to Oatman, Arizona

Arizona State Highway 95 ends at the junction of Mohave County Highway 227. South of the Mohave County Route 227 intersection, there are no more Arizona 95 reassurance markers. In a couple miles you will cross a a non-descript bridge and be in Needles, California.

Many people turn off onto Mohave County 227 which will take you to Mohave County 1, a scenic road and a connection to Historic Route 66 at Golden Shores. Historic Route 66 ends at I-40 Exit 1.

Arizona State Highway 95 southbound begins again at I-40 Exit 9.

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