Interstate 15 in Arizona is often called the forgotten interstate. Traffic volume along the Arizona section of I-15 is approximately 25,000 vehicles per day. Most people in Arizona have never heard of it. It crosses a very remote area of in the extreme northwest section of Arizona known as the Arizona Strip.

It is essentially isolated from the rest of the state due to its location north of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Travel to other towns within Arizona requires crossing through either Nevada or Utah.

The Arizona Strip is very sparsely populated and connected to the rest of Arizona by only limited highway links, at Navajo Bridge and the Glen Canyon Dam bridge, both at the eastern end.

Despite being isolated from the rest of Arizona, I-15 short length of 29.39 miles remains notable for its scenic passage through the Virgin River Gorge.

The Virgin River Gorge is located just to the east of Beaver Dam. This section of I-15 is one of the most expensive parts of the US interstate highway ever constructed.

Exit 9 is known as Desert Springs, formerly signed as Farm Road.

Exit 18 is known as Cedar Pocket. It leads to BLM road 1005, a steep, winding rocky road that climbs upwards for several hundred feet before crossing the ridge and dropping down to intersect with the Littlefield Road.

Exit 27 is known as Black Rock Road and is a short road leading to what was once the town of Black Rock. The area has excellent campsites with great views and wilderness access.

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