There are no services at this exit. Franconia, Arizona, was a small flag station historic railroad siding town. The community was named after Frank Smith, son of a railroad official but now long gone except for a railroad siding.

Formerly the site of a section house for the Santa Fe Railroad maintenance people. The railroad companies divided the tracks into sections between 10 and 30 miles long and assigned a foreman and crew to tend each section. There were a few houses around 1887 and 1908.

This pile of wreckage shows a train wreck west of Franconia. One train was pulling out from a siding when another train came along from the rear and smashed into one of the cars. Photo courtesy Mohave Museum of History and Arts.

The area is known for the Franconi strewnfield where Meteorite hunting is popular. They are dark, fusion-crusted stones that are stark and out of place on the landscape.

Should you decide to explore the area, carry survival gear such as ample water, food, a shovel, a cell phone, a compass, and a map. You can get lost and over time you will become dehydrated. There are many unmarked and unsafe mines in the area and it is not a safe place for children or pets to explore.

Franconia Road to the south does link to part of the old the National Old Trails Road. People who explore this section use it mainly as an off highway access road or for nostalgia buffs seeking out National Old Trails. Expect a rough road surface and mud & sand are possible but will be easily passable.

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