The Yucca, Arizona Proving Grounds covers 3,840 acres with 50 miles of test roads including a 5 mile oval track, twisted asphalt, cross-country roads, grade hills, traction hop bumps, three point turnaround, two ,4400 foot straight-aways, a “tortuous” track, a bump course, checkerboard tile, brushed concrete, and a low friction area to simulate ice and rain. There is also 109,000 square feet of building space.

Local geographic features provide inherent advantages. The Arizona Proving Ground has immediate access to public highways, mountain grades and a wide variety of elevations in the area ranging from 500 to 6,500 feet, within a 50 mile radius.

There are excellent, generally predictable weather patterns, combined with a hot, dry, dusty desert climate with low annual rainfall and low relative humidity. Daytime temperatures are high throughout the summer months. The winters are mild. Nighttime temperatures frequently drop below freezing during the three coldest months, but the afternoons are usually sunny and warm.

Around 2,000 vehicles are tested each year traveling around a million miles. About 100 people are employed at the proving grounds. The Arizona Proving Ground is operated year round. The facility is not open to the general public.

Aerial View of Arizona Proving Grounds
Satellite View Of Yucca
Front Gate at Exit 26 on I-40
Notice the grade test hill in the right background
Mountain range across I-40 to the west.
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