Gregg's Hideout on Lake Mead

Gregg's Hideout lies east of Temple Basin on the Arizona side of Lake Mead. It is managed by the National Park Service and available to the public for recreational purposes. In 1881 it started as Mike Scanlon's Ferry and was later bought by Tom Gregg, then becoming known as Gregg's Hideout.

Fishing is good in this part of Lake Mead for Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Sunfish, Catfish. There is no launch ramp at Gregg's Hideout nor is there drinking water available so take plenty of your own. There are no gas station back there so be sure you have plenty of gas and your vehicle is in good condition.

To find Gregg's Hideout, turn onto "Gregg's Hideout Road" from Pearce Ferry Road. Gregg's Hideout is 17 miles to the left, Hackberry is 34 miles to the right.
There is beautiful scenery on the drive to the lake.
10 miles into the Greggs Hideout Road is this sign.
Be prepared for 26 miles of desolate stone road.
An easier way to get to Temple Bar is Mohave County 143 from US 93. The marina at the end of the road is a very popular place. Temple Bar provides perfect weather for enjoying outdoor activities from hiking to boating to wildlife viewing.
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