SR 389 is a 32.60-mile highway located in the Arizona Strip which is the part of the state of Arizona lying north of the Colorado River. The Arizona Strip is very sparsely populated and connected to the rest of Arizona by only limited highway links. To reach Arizona 389 you must enter it from Utah.

SR 389 connects the two cities of Colorado City and Frednia. The western terminus of the highway is located at the Utah border in Colorado City where the highway continues into Utah as State Route 59. SR 389 heads southeast from the border intersecting several county routes along its routing.

Satellite View of Colorado City

The highway takes a more easterly course as it enters the Kaibab Indian Reservation. Within the reservation, the highway passes near the Pipe Spring National Monument.

Once it passes the monument, the highway begins to head towards the northeast towards Fredonia. It leaves the Kaibab Indian Reservation and enters the city of Fredonia before reaching its eastern terminus at US 89A.

Beyond Fredonia, US 89A runs near or through Lee's Ferry, the Navajo Bridge, Vermilion Cliffs, the Kaibab Plateau, and through part of the Navajo Nation. From Jacob Lake, State Route 67 leads south to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Most of the land in the Arizona Strip is managed by the United States Bureau of Land Management or the United States Forest Service. The area holds several U.S. Wilderness Areas and U.S. National Monuments and the Kaibab Indian Reservation.

The southern part of the Arizona Strip includes the north rim of Grand Canyon National Park and the northern section of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. U.S. Route 89A connects with Bitter Springs south of Page, Arizona. has additional information
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