Arizona State Route 68 crosses the broad Sacramento Valley passing through Golden Valley, then proceeds up and over the Black Mountains through Union Pass and down into the valley below to Bullhead City and Laughlin.
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Headed for Union Pass
6% grade ahead, 12 miles of down with a stoplight at the bottom!

At Union Pass, elevation 3,571 feet, you are headed down a long grade toward Bullhead City. Keep your speed down, enjoy the scenery, and don't ride the brakes.

If your coming up this long grade, turn off the air-conditioner in the car on a hot-summer day to keep the engine from heating up. The 12 mile grade is a challenge not to be taken lightly.

Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and be sure to look for thumb rock on your left about half way down the grade.
There are two truck escape ramps on the way down.
Enjoy the views on the way down.
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