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Seven Mile Hill Shooting Range
Open to the public, 7 days a week for competition and recreation in Archery, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun shooting on Historic Route 66. 3155 Oatman Road. Covered Pistol Bays, Covered Rifle Bays to 100 and 200 yards, 1,000 yard range, Law Enforcement Training Facialities, Cowboy Action Range, Voice Activated Clay Targets, Skeet and 5 Stand Facility, 3D Archery Range, and Muzzle Loader Range.
Cool Springs Historic Photos Of Cool Springs
As Route 66 begins the climb up the Gold Hill Grade towards Oatman, Arizona you pass an old gas station that served the travelers back in the day.

It fell into decay for many years but now the rebuilt Cool Springs station is a gift shop offering Route 66 souvenirs and one of a kind Cool Springs memorabilia. The last time I was past there they were not selling gas, but they did have cold soda. 2012 Photos of Cool Springs

World's Largest Fig Tree

In 1876, Sacaton, a Mexican miner from the Placeritas of the Santa Maria River, deciced to go north. He cut a switch from a fig tree and when camping over night at the Springs and left the switch in the mud. This is the beginning of the tree.

The fig tree was located at Fig Springs between Oatman and Cool springs was known as the World's Largest Fig Tree for many years and still held this distinction up until last reported in 1940.

At the time it was considered the World's largest fig tree, the following statistics were given: Spread 125 x 50 feet; Height approximately 35 feet; Yield 2 tons of figs each year. The building under the tree in the photograph was a dressing room.

This picture was taken in 1940, at which time Fig Springs was a popular place for the people of Mohave Conty to have picnics, swimming parties, and to come for the fig harvesting.

In 1948 it was reported that the Fig Tree had died doen and that the springs were very low. In 1959 someone in Mohave Conty visited the springs and reported that the tree was again in good shape. This report is only hearsay.

The springs can be reached by an most nonexistent road near Cool Springs. Fig Springs is located approximately 8 miles off the highway.

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