As you continue to go south on Alamo Road you will come to a cut off named "Chicken Springs Road" which is Mohave County 131. It's a fun drive over the mountain and it takes you to Wikieup on US 93.
Mohave County Road 131 is well maintained and passable for any vehicle. It is dirt/gravel so keep your speed down for safety and to avoid throwing rocks up against your car.
SaguarosĀ dot the horizon. The saguaro is a large, tree-sized cactus species in the monotypic genus Carnegiea, which can grow to be over 50 feet tall.
The amount of time it takes a saquaro to grow a side arm is between seventy and eighty years.

This road has a lot of Joshua trees along it. The name Joshua tree was given by a group of settlers who crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-19th century. The tree's unique shape reminded them of a Biblical story.

The trunk of a Joshua tree is made of thousands of small fibers and lacks annual growth rings, making it difficult to determine the tree's age. Joshua trees grow extremely slow relative to other types of trees.

Years ago the Joshua tree was recognized by American Indians for its useful properties. Tough leaves were worked into baskets and sandals, and flower buds and raw or roasted seeds made a healthy addition to the diet.

The tallest Joshua tree known to exist, not in Mohave County, looms a whopping forty feet high and is estimated to be about 300 years old!

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